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AURORA - episode 3 AURORA - episode 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Graphics [10] - You don't need to hear it from anyone to know that your graphics are legendary. If anyone critizes you on your graphics they have to be a mentally challenged child with cancer. The scenes, fighting, and characters looked amazing.

Sound [10] - Amazing. I enjoyed the background audio loop. Definitely something I could relax to.

Interactivity [0] - A movie, not a game.

Style [10] - It was deep and maybe too deep for some of the other users who enjoy little cheap entertainment. Your flash is more for the mature group. Being someone who wants to go to Japan this was a definitly enjoyable movie.

Violence [8] - The fighting was great. I enjoyed the fact you explained the fighting technique you used and where it started from.

Humor [0] - Obviously, it was not meant to humor anyone.

Overall [6] - Definitely a very mature and great flash. There is no need for you to change your style or improve. I love it just the way it is. Great work man, it couldn't get any better.

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Ultimate Sercurity Device Ultimate Sercurity Device

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good Try

Graphics [7] - DragonSnare, you do not know how much potential you have. You are a great graphic artist. I loved the graphics. This is my first time watching your work and it was definitely good.

Sound [5] - I think as far as the "ooh aaah oooh" thing went. It was a bit overused but nevertheless great. He could of made more sounds than that. I know if it was me Id be screaming and yelling.

Interactivity [0] - This was a movie, not a game.

Style [8] - I liked it. It was a short, what can I tell you. I can't wait for the next longer one. I put you on my favorite authors cause I definitely want to track your soon-to-be successful career at Newgrounds.

Violence [10] - There is no way anyone who review can give you a zero on violence. Blood was all over the screen. I liked it.

Humor [6] - It was funny, not that falling-out-my-seat funny but it had something going. I laughed a little when he said "I'm dieing" it a sort of calm voice like it was nothing.

Overall [6] - All that needs work on is the sound and humor. Maybe just sound if the point of this was not to be funny. I did enjoy it alot.

DragonSnare responds:

yeah it was ment to be mildly humorous thx for the review